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Book Review of Those Who Walk in Darkness

Those Who Walk in Darkness
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This review is by my husband, as reported by me. What I noticed is that my husband fell into this book like a kid munching chips while watching TV. I mean, he seriously disappeared into it. So after he finished it, I asked him to give me some lines for a Swap review. After he hemmed and hawed a bit, I suggested, "Entertaining main character?" He nodded. He seemed embarrassed that he found her sexy. (He's like that; it's endearing.)

Then he launched into telling me all about it: "Her name is Soledad O'Roark--this specialized cop, in El-Lay of the future. It's sort of a Frank Miller premise where special units called MTacs are supposed to hunt down the 'metanormals,' and she's also an idiot savant in the area of engineering, which makes for some cool situations, like the time that..." His version of the book was long & way over-specific, and I'm afraid it was just too much detail for me, so I can't add any more about why he liked it so much. But just what I've written down so far is a strong recommendation from a scientist who doesn't read much fiction. What fiction he does read, tends toward highly cerebral tales about AI's talking to each other over vast distances & merging/splitting identities & waging wars against each other & such like.

You get the point: he really dug super-freak super-cop Soledad "Bullet" O'Roark and her adventures fighting other freaks in a wicked La-La Land of the near future. (No, I don't know what a "freak" is.) And it wasn't just that she's sexy, either. Apparently, as another reviewer says... Soledad rocks!! =grin=

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