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Book Review of Dark Enchantment (Vampire book 2)

Dark Enchantment (Vampire book 2)
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Summary: A shattering act of violence drives Catherine de la Fer to flee into the dark and deadly night. Now a hunted criminal, the wily French noblewoman enlists the services of English mercenary Jack Marstone to teach her the art of self-defense. But she has cast her lot with a man whose terrible secret plunges them into a world of depravity and deadly seduction. Their taboo desire takes them from the moon-shadowed highways of Paris to the treacherous palace of the Sun Kingâthe prey of a highborn enemy with the mind-bending powers of a sorcerer's dark arts. As day becomes endless night, as they enter a place of unimaginable pleasure, France's most notorious swordswoman and her forbidden lover will attempt a daring act of rescueâone that could promise them eternity in each other's armsâ¦or damn them both forever.

'Night Fires', the first book in the 'de la Fer' series is one of the first romance novels I ever read, so Karen Harbaugh holds a special place in my memory. That being said, I enjoyed 'Night Fires' more than this book. This book was excellent, but it was missing some of the rawness of the first book, could be the fact that these characters are human and the last 'de la Fer' was not. I also would have liked to see some sort of segway from the first book into the second, like how they are connected besides the family name. I don't know about anyone else but I am not all up and up on my French history. Beyond those minor flaws though, this book was great. The characters are real, the history definitely seems well researched and the plot moved at a generally good pace. I liked Catherine's character a lot, she is a strong women and I always love to see strong women in historical type romances. I also have a soft spot for Jack, because he acknowledged his love for Catherine as soon as he felt it, didn't have to do any of that running around crap. I enjoyed this book and hope to see many more 'de la Fer' books in the future.