Book Review of Legacy of Lehr

Legacy of Lehr
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----A SF novel by the author of the well-known Deryni series.----
From the back cover: They were larger than lions, possessed of mystical powers and psychic cunning, and had once been worshipped as mighty gods. But when an Imperial decree orders Captain Lutobo to take his cruiser to a little known planet to transport the blue-furred cats of Lehr to the Emperor's zoo, he first finds them a devilish nuisance---then a cause for panic.
A killer is loose on board the cruiser, and as the corpses mount up, so do the clues that point to murder-most-feline! Yet the cats couldn't possibly have escaped their maximum security cages . . . or could they? Or are the gruesome murders the work of some far deadlier force, one it may be impossible to stop?