Book Review of Skeleton Letters (Scrapbooking Mystery, Bk 9)

Skeleton Letters (Scrapbooking Mystery, Bk 9)
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It was wonderful to be back with old friends and to have a new mystery to read about Carmela, Ava, Babcock and all of the rest of the Memory Mine characters. Good mystery and altho' suspicious of a couple of characters, didn't guess which one to choose, so it was a surprise. Great cozy reading and great fun. She is so funny sometimes you just have to laugh out loud. I think the lady in the dentist office thought I was crazy a couple of times, so got to tell her who I was reading and how much I enjoy all of her series books. She said she would look her up. Always enjoy Laura Childs, Ava got toned down this time, which was good, she allowed her to get carried away in a couple of others. Thanks for bringing her down a notch or two.