Book Review of The Eight (Montglane Service, Bk 1)

The Eight (Montglane Service, Bk 1)
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Helpful Score: 12

This took me forever to get through! I'm not sure why, since I enjoyed it, but it just seemed to get longer and longer as I went along. Well, up to page 400 or so, when things really started to take off!

Now, what to say about the story without giving too much away.... For most of the book, I found myself enjoying the modern storyline a bit more than the one in 18th century, although every now and again that would switch around. I think that was mainly because I enjoyed Catherine Velis's sense of humor, and you didn't see much like that in the earlier time period. The book is rich with details and appearances by famous figures, which, along with the plot, make it both fun and a bit overblown. The bits about the beginning of OPEC were very interesting to read, especially with the way fuel prices are once again a major issue. And all the little bits and pieces of information about the many locations in the story were fabulous! Perhaps that's why the book took me so long to read -- I didn't want to miss any of the nifty little details, and there's hardly a page without them!

Overall, a very good book. Not quite as great as I had heard -- and I figured out several of the twists in advance -- but a book that holds my attention for 600 pages with a plot based around a board game (blah!) has to be pretty great!