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Book Review of The Only One: Dark Descent / The Star Queen / Sacrilege

The Only One: Dark Descent / The Star Queen / Sacrilege
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Three dark romance stories unfold within this single novel.
First is Dark Descent by Christine Feehan. Joie Sanders was one of the best bodyguards around. Wounded during duty, she ended up in a hospital for treatment. Joie dealt with the pain by imagining herself in the mountains. It was a trick she had often used, never suspecting that she really was traveling outside her body. In those mountains she met Traian. He was wounded as well and lay in a dark cave. Once their minds touched Joie could not escape Traian's voice. He had linked with her, knowing instantly that she was "the one". He had waited several life times for her.

The second is The Star Queen by Susan Grant. Romjha B'kak was leader of an elite group called Raiders. Tai Sai was th group's bombmaker. The group was about to meet some royal outsiders from the stars that would change their lives!

The third is Sacrilege by Susan Squires. Magda had been at the Mirso Monastery to overcome her addiction of taking the last drop of blood from her victims. Those within the monastery taught against pleasure and emotions. Love was to be avoided at all costs. Those who failed the teachings were hunted down by the Harrier and executed. When Brother Pietr believed Magda ready, he sent her to San Francisco. She was met by Davinoff and helped to blend in. But Pietr had done the unthinkable. He had fallen in love with Magda. When his mentor, Rubius, found out of Pietr's feelings, he sent the Harrier out to assassinate Magda, though she had done no wrong!