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Book Review of Roseanne: My Life As a Woman

Roseanne: My Life As a Woman
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This... by far... I know the book was published in 1989, but I am just discovering this marvelous tome. Back in the day (and sometimes even now, I fear) Roseanne was someone thought just trying to shock people, get reactions-- and maybe she was, but there was so much beneath all that, that I just have so much respect for...

She was not so much Jewish as she was mystic/new-age/flower-child. A pacifist, a feminist from the school before the militant feminists stole the original meaning of the cause away-- not to force women to be Superwoman, all into one mold or they were "detrimental to the sisterhood", but TRUE sisterhood, whereas we are Earth Mamas: Mother, Child, Sister, and Friend-- and there is great power in that. In fact, my favorite quote by her (and one of my favorites of all, actually), was not mentioned in this book, but on the last episode of her highly-rated sitcom, "Roseanne": Neither winning nor loosing is the same for women as it is for men. As women we influence everything we touch, and there is no higher power than that, and that exemplifies beautifully the message of this book.

I think many would be surprised what a place of intelligence, caring, and emotion she comes from, and that her last chapter, an open letter to her three oldest children, actually made me cry, it was so raw, honest and beautiful...

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