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Book Review of A Ghostly Charade (Zebra Holiday Regency Romance)

A Ghostly Charade (Zebra Holiday Regency Romance)
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When her sister summoned her to Grayson Hall a fortnight before All Hallows Eve, Lady Caroline was understandably intrigued. It seemed a ghost was stalking the corridors of this home, and Carolines wit and bravery were urgently needed. Always the most level-headed of women, she was certain the phantom was merely an earthly mischeif-maker bent on frightening her sister out of marrying into the Grayson family. And the rather suspicious reappearance of the darkly hansome Damien Grayson, Long presumed dead, supported her theory. But she soon wondered if the perils posed by spectres might be preferable to the unnerving effect this flesh and blood stranger seemed to have on her heart!

Brooding and arrogant, Damien was the family's black sheep. Why,even his very name meant demon! When he made his way back to England to find his house in an uproar and his brother betrothed to a fortune hunter, his mood was little improved. And who was this beautiful widow who suspected him of chicanery of the lowest order? He would enjoy both proving her wrong, and playing a few tricks of his own. At the All Hallow's Eve ball, he'd need no disguise to play the devil...or the rake!

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