Book Review of Reliquary

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Helpful Score: 2

This was a good sequel to the first in the series, Relic. I was glad that Pendergast was in this was as well, and thought his entrance into the book was pretty funny.

I found the Wisher woman truly annoying. It's amazing how self-righteous the rich get when one of their own is killed, but can easily look the other way when it's the poor. I wonder if these type of people ever consider that while they tie up the police with their protests (such as in the book) that they prevent them from doing their jobs elsewhere?

The story also has a continuation of morons in the upper chains-of-command with the police and officials who only see and hear what they want to. They once again manage to ignore evidence brought before them by key characters and go on with their own agendas leaving the reader smacking their forehead over their stupidity.

On a side note. Why would someone use lily-pad plants as packing material? Wouldn't they be a poor choice, since as a water plant they'd have to be dried out before being used or they'd go to rot in crates? I know it's essential to the story, but wouldn't a grass-type plant, similiar to what's used for straw, have made more sense?

The main villain in the story may, or may not, be a surprise. Especially since, in my opinion, it was a bit Scooby-Doo on the unveiling.