Book Review of Black Order (Sigma Force, Bk 3)

Black Order (Sigma Force, Bk 3)
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This is a pretty standard Rollins adventure in which the Sigma Force and a few hangers-on once again save the world from yet another group of madmen--this time a bunch of left over Nazis.
Of course, there is the obligitory near death of a couple of the heroes who are saved at the last second against all odds and a couple of the secondary characters have to die.
The action is intense and the premise is a little suprising....kind of out of left field. Our heroes, through bad intel, bad luck, or bad planning continuously find themselves in one jam after another and ill-prepared for what they get into, but always succeed by the skin of their teeth and ultimately destroy the bad guys and their plans for world domination.
If you like Rollins, you'll like "Black Order" as Grey, Monk and the gang lead you on yet another world encompassing romp.
One thing though, I thought the mystical Nazi "bell" was a UFO!!