Book Review of Mission to Paris (Night Soldiers, Bk 12)

Mission to Paris (Night Soldiers, Bk 12)
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Yup, I needed a historical novel for a mystery challenge. This is a historical spy/thriller featuring an Austrian-American actor named Frederic Stahl. To all appearances Stahl is at the top of his career when his studio sends him to Paris to make a movie. He agrees in spite of the turmoil on the continent and his fear that refusal will harm his career status.

This is my first read by this author and, of course, I happened to pick up a novel in the middle of a series. However, it has a complete story that makes it a stand alone.

Most of the action occurs in Paris but the reader is moved to Berlin and a Hungarian palace for other scenes, like the movie Stahl is making. However, the Germans are working to recruit him as a spy or at least use him in a political way for their own purposes. The inducements, meals, parties and luxurious travel offered by those who are so repugnant. The menace and violence are subtle but all too real. He tries to ignore their aggressive efforts by focusing on acting for the movie. Instead, he finds himself unwittingly drawn into becoming a spy for his country. It's a good story and an interesting read that is chilling and realistic for the reader.