Book Review of Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark, Bk 10)

Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark, Bk 10)
Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark, Bk 10)
Author: Kresley Cole
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 6

Not my favorite IAD novel, but still an excellent addition to the series. Kresley Cole really excels at creating beautiful characters of such diverse and dark backgrounds but still manages to make them humorous and sympathetic while still maintaining their 'street cred.' Malkom is probably her darkest and most tormented hero to date who is both dangerously damaged in the mind and kind of sweet--my favorite combination : ). I LOVED the first half of this story where he and Carrow are getting to know each other Tarzan/Jane style in a Demon-plane wilderness. His rough wooing skills are heartbreaking as she desperately tries to resist.

I also loved the cameos by other characters especially in the compound where several Lore creatures are being held against their will and exposed to torture and medical experiments by Lore-hating mortals. There are several intriguing tidbits for possible storylines in future books particularly for Regin & Aidan/Declan and Thronos & Lanthe. I have to admit that, while I enjoy all of Kresley's novels, and this one was no exception, I mostly viewed this novel as a way to get clues for Regin's story (coming out in Feb '11) and because I knew Thronos & Lanthe had pivotal roles in upcoming novels. Dare I hope that they are the third book in the trilogy???? God I hope so!

For me the novel lost a little steam three quarters of the way through when Carrow, Malkom, and Carrow's newly adopted daughter, Ruby played house on a (somewhat) deserted island for several pages. Carrow lost a lot of her spunk and at times her relationship to Malkom truly bothered me. This is the first time that Kresley Cole's hero had crossed a line and squicked me. I found myself very uncomfortable for 3 or so chapters that it kind of killed the ending for me. But I should stress that their relationship at this point hit a nerve for me and might not for many others. So, it's not so much a critique of her writing as more an observation from the standpoint of a long-time fan who, for the first time ever!, was bothered by something one of her characters did and how they did it. Make sense?

All in all, a great story, though not my favorite. Dying, however, to get to Regin's story in February!!!