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Book Review of Davita's Harp

Davita's Harp
Davita's Harp
Author: Chaim Potok
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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A pleasure to read. , July 16, 2005
Reviewer: S. Freedman "Shalom Freedman" (Jerusalem,Israel)

The encounter between those within the Jewish religious world, and the world ' outside' is one of the central themes of the work of Chaim Potok. In his work he finds a way of seeking out what is best in both worlds. In a way he is a teacher of tolerance and acceptance and religious faith, all at the same time.
In this novel the central character is the product of a mixed marriage, an esteemed journalist Gentile father, and a devoted mother who shares her husband's political vision. The story is set in the thirties , and also gives the background of the ideological struggles of that time.
A central theme of the work is the young girl's entering the Jewish religious world.
Potok writes with great clarity and is a master story- teller.
A pleasure to read.

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