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Book Review of Part of the Bargain: Part of the Bargain / To Wed and Protect

Part of the Bargain: Part of the Bargain / To Wed and Protect
JulieM27 avatar reviewed on + 13 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2

Normally I LOVE Linda Lael Miller. I'm currently reading her McKettricks of Texas series so when i saw this at the store i was like..."Oh definitely getting"...Boy was i wrong. So last night i was lying in bed and began reading..and than checking to see if i had the right author and than reading and than rechecking again. It was badly written, barely any EMOTION in the book. It was like itt was a completely different author i was reading. Linda Lael Millers books flowed greatly and i loved the stories and i could always tell because after a while you notice a certain pattern in authors writing, but this was...so emotionless, all words no feeling, badly plotted, confusing at times, random most of the time, didn't have a "flow" to it. It was like it was just written and than published without any editing etc etc...

About the book. It has two stories. The first one, Linda Lael Millers story was the most waasted 3 hours of my life that it took to read the book. The "relationship" between Libby and Jess is all fight till about the second day where they start making out and having sex all through to the end randomly. I mean puh-leez. She had just gone through a nasty divorce and her step-son had just died and she just jumps into bed with the guy who right from the beginning is nasty to her. It was uninspiring, uninteresting and WEIRD. Sometimes with the space of four lines guys would go from talking and laughing to all out suspiciousness and hate. Really was not feeling this book and was a total waste of the $7.99 that i paid for it. God i wish i could return it!! So here i am posting it for everyone elses view.

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