Book Review of The Adventures of Shrinkman

The Adventures of Shrinkman
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Danny Martin is obsessed with Shrinkman, an itty bitty superhero. Shrinkman shrinks to help fight crime. When watching a Shrinkman movie, Danny drinks some weird flavored drink that he found. Soon after, he begins to shrink. His parents and doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with him. Was that drink to blame? Will Danny ever get back to full size? What happens if he never stops shrinking? Will he disappear forever?

My thoughts:
For those of us that have grown up with the Honey, I shrunk the... series, this fits the genre. It is a lot of fun with several laugh out loud moments. Danny is beginning to live his dream of being like his superhero idol; however, what happens when his own dog's drool can drown him? He never believed he would be fighting for his life against ants! As with all excellent R.L. Stine books, there is a good amount of tension and a lot of adventure. Somehow he manages to make the ridiculous into a topic you just can't get enough of. Readers of all ages will love The Adventures of Shrinkman and wait with abated breath for R.L. Stine's next book.