Book Review of Before the Scandal (Notorious Gentlemen, Bk 2)

Before the Scandal (Notorious Gentlemen, Bk 2)
Before the Scandal (Notorious Gentlemen, Bk 2)
Author: Suzanne Enoch
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 3

The second book in the "Notorious Gentlemen" series, features Lt. Col. Phin Bromley. Phin returns to his ancestral home as the prodigal brother, but is not exactly welcomed with open arms by his older sibling or most of the neighbors. He becomes reaquainted with Alyse, his childhood friend, and the expected happens. The progression of their love story is fairly believable, although a side plot about Phin's second identity is a little silly.

The characters are appropriately either appealing or villainous, if not truly memorable, and you're more told about than shown their personal development. The plot itself isn't too bad, and the main point of conflict is resolved nicely. Although the one thing I haven't quite figured out is why this book is titled "Before the Scandal" when the entire storyline deals with the *aftermath* of Phin's and Elyse's years-old scandals. I thought this was an okay book - not really one of Enoch's stand-outs, but still decent.