Book Review of The Accidental Lawman

The Accidental Lawman
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This is a sweet Christian Historical novel by Jill Marie Landis; I did not know she wrote Christian fiction. All of the characters (not just the main ones) were carefully drawn and participated in this story. The citizens (and town of Glory, Texas) were engaging.

Amelia Hawthorne is a healer who walks into the town bank just before it is robbed. A stranger trips over Amelia (Hank Larson) and happens to stop the robbery. Immediately, the citizens clamor to name him sheriff; Hank agrees reluctantly.

The citizens assure Hank that nothing ever happens in Glory; it will be an easy task until someone else will take the role. This story pulls the reader in rather quickly and keeps the readers interest.

Hank finds out that Amelia is a healer and a mid-wife; before his death, her father was the only doctor for miles. Hank is horrified; a year before, his wife and child were killed by the incompetence of a mid-wife and Hank still wears the scars of their loss.

The author captures the bustle of a small town and peoples it with folks the reader will care about; they will also enjoy the gossip-tendencies of the town folk. These characters are so likeable that readers are eager to meet them again in future books.

This is a low-key, pleasant story about 2 people who have to get over their prejudices against the other before they can enter into a serious relationship.