Book Review of Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love
Redeeming Love
Author: Francine Rivers
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 6

SHORT REVIEW:This was a fantastic book, but a word of caution: this book is not for teenagers, for anyone who struggles with lust, or for anyone who does not wish to be exposed to some very mature sexual concepts. While the book is not graphic, it is mature. Exercise discernment.
LONGER REVIEW:The book has been heralded as wonderful - as it is - but it contains some very mature subject matter, mostly sexual.
I would not recommend this book for a teenager, for someone who is unmarried, or who wouldn't wish to be exposed to mature sexual concepts. Like the actual book of Hosea, it does deal with prostitution - but becomes more descriptive. It deals with marriage - including the intimate aspects. And there is more than one instance of rape, pedophilia, etc. Evil and wickedness is not at all celebrated, and I wouldn't even say that it is gratuitous, but it isn't "glossed over" either.
This is a book that should be approached with discernment - and a thorough biblical understanding. It is not at all a replacement for the healing counsel of the Holy Spirit. There is also a risk of idolizing the main male protagonist, and feeling disappointed with "real men," just as many romance novels tend to create expectations near-perfection in our minds.
Again, this book is wonderful. The allegory for Christ's role as our kinsman-redeemer, as our faithful lover, is beautiful. The characters' thought processes are real, and familiar. But it should be approached with wisdom, and again, biblical understanding.