Book Review of The Forgotten Garden

The Forgotten Garden
The Forgotten Garden
Author: Kate Morton
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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This was a good book. Clean writing. No swearing or vulgarity. I am all for picking up those big, fat books, but this was a L-O-N-G, drawn out book. Took me quite a while to read, but not because of the page count. The ending (like the last 100 pgs) was really good, fast reading, but this author has a talent for really... drawing... things... out! I picked up the book because of all the great reviews and almost just quit reading it because there were so many slow parts. I was able to sum up the whole book to my husband in about 20 minutes. Overall, it's a good read, just don't expect anything fast paced (and you'll probably fall asleep reading it in bed).