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Book Review of Year One (Chronicles of the One, Bk 1)

Year One (Chronicles of the One, Bk 1)
dizz avatar reviewed on + 607 more book reviews

Meh. I did read the first few chapters and then spotchecked the rest, so my remarks are not from thorough study. That said, the reason I didn't read it was that from page one it annoyed me -- the style was simplified for easy reading: limited vocabulary, short sentences, little to lend nuance or flavor. It appears to be written at a middle school level. (So was The Hobbit, but Tolkien was a genius.) It's a mishmosh of elements from other books and films -- there will be surprises only for people who've never seen The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or other fantasy TV series, or who have never read The Stand. The only suspense is who will survive, and for how long, but since the characters are thinly veiled TV stereotypes, it was impossible for me to care. I do give the author points for demonstrating in her story how disease spreads in our modern age (by travel) in a way that makes it clear what the problem is. I think Ms Roberts's earlier straight romances were much better done.

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