Book Review of Santa Cruise (Alvirah Meehan Regan Reilley)

Santa Cruise (Alvirah Meehan Regan Reilley)
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I love all these characters!! When Mary & Carol get together on a book it is always a fun read. This is their latest and it is good. Combines Nora & Luke Reilly, Reagen & Jack Reilly, and Alvirah & Willie. Alvirah and Willie have won a wonderful four day cruise in the Carribean and invite the rest of the crew to join them. It sets sail a couple of days after Christmas, and since noone has any special plans until the New Year they all decide to go. A calm, restful break from the hectic Christmas season this is not! There is way more going on with this cruise than meets the eye, and of course the lot of them get caught up in trying to piece together all the puzzles and solve the mysteries. A great read!