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Book Review of Breaking Dawn (Twilight, Bk 4)

Breaking Dawn (Twilight, Bk 4)
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The final book in the Twilight series. It opens with Bella driving her new, extremely expensive sports car that Edward has purchased for her and insists that she drive now that her trusty pick up has conveniently died. This embarrasses her to no end and she can barely drive the thing. (Perhaps her hoping to get her to vampire quicker?)

She and Edward announce to her father that they are getting married, but he doesnt react the way Bella expects no anger, just laughter. Laughter because she has to tell her mother shes getting married. Well, this should elicit anger but once again, the parents dont react the way Bella expects them to. Her mother is thrilled.

The wedding takes places she doesnt not trip going down the aisle. (Although, it would have added to my joy in the reading.) A few of the La Push werewolves show up and Jacob, who has been missing, makes a surprise appearance at the wedding. This pleases Bella (because the little tramp is still stringing the guy along) and bothers Edward (but hes just so mature in his response, because he just avoids Jacob.)

They then head out to some tropical island in South America, near Brazil, for a wonderful honeymoon. Sadly, theres really no sex but I suppose I shouldnt be disappointed as the author is at least staying true to the young adult fiction genre by being vague about it (and all those parents who dont want to explain sex to their kids can wait until their own children are 16 and pregnant.)

But, horror of horrors, Bella gets pregnant. Apparently, dead sperm can swim. Even worse, she cannot be convinced to not go through with this pregnancy. I think she just wants to do so because shes sure its a boy. Luckily, she hedges her bets and picks a girl name. Unfortunately, its a name she made up by combining her mother and Edwards mothers names Renesmee (ruh-nez-may or some such stupid pronunciation.)

Bella nearly dies about 6 weeks later giving birth. (Well, its not a human baby.) Edward has to save her by being the one who transforms her into a vampire. But not until after shes been attacked by the baby. (A girl given that stupid name.)

Its good that shes transformed because the Volturi are going to arrive to make sure shes been made a vampire. But, theyve learned about the baby and thats not good.

Now they have to prepare to battle the Volturi who will want to kill little Renesmee (who has reached toddler stage in about 6 weeks.)

The ending was a massive disappointment. All these vampires from around the world show up to defend the Cullen family and stop the Volturi from killing sweet little Renesme. And, I feel no remorse at revealing this, nothing happens. The Volturi go home and they all live happily ever after. (You knew that was going to happen, didnt you?)

Oh yeah, and Jacob comes back and helps the family but what happens to him is just stupid.

Thankfully, Im done with this series.

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