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Book Review of Night Tales: Night Shift / Night Shadow / Nightshade / Night Smoke

Night Tales: Night Shift / Night Shadow / Nightshade / Night Smoke
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"Night Tales", is a 4-book collection.
Description from Amazon;
In "Night Shift", Cilla O'Rourke is a radio DJ who is threatened by a stalker. Detective Boyd Fletcher and his partner are called in to investigate, and feelings develop between Boyd and Cilla that make protecting her his new top priority.

Book 2, "Night Shadow", centers on Cilla's sister Deborah and her career as an assistant district attorney in a fictional town called Urbana. Deborah falls in love almost simultaneously with "two" men, one the wealthy businessman Gage Guthrie, and the other the city's do-gooder crime-fighter known only as "Nemesis".
In book 3, Boyd Fletcher's partner Althea Grayson meets her match in private investigator Colt "Nightshade". The two have to work together to track down a missing girl in a pornography ring, and sparks (both good and bad!) fly. Meanwhile, Althea has to cope with some memories from her own childhood and she has to learn how to be loved.

In Book 4, the final book, "Night Smoke", Boyd's sister, Natalie Fletcher, is a businesswoman on the verge of opening up a new flagship store when a string of fires threatens to put a stop to her plans. She has to work with arson investigator Ryan Piasecki to catch the "torch" and meanwhile, the two create some heat of their own.

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