Book Review of The Eleventh Hour (The Secret of the Rose, Vol 1)

The Eleventh Hour (The Secret of the Rose, Vol 1)
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Michael Phillips has written an outstanding novel of mammoth proportion compared to most Christian fiction of today. The Eleventh Hour is more typical of the 1990's era of which it was written. My copy has 502 pages of somewhat smaller size font. It is a book written not only for the reader's enjoyment, but also as an avenue to spiritual growth through reading a wonderful story. There is much wisdom among these pages, so I would recommend taking the time to ponder and consider the words within.

The plot is pretty straight forward and follows two aristocratic, German families at the cusp of WWII, as the family members make decisions about supporting Hitler and his racially motivated ideology. It is evident the author did extensive research of the times and the people, which brings authenticity to the storyline as it progresses through the years of 1937-1944. The author's skillful writing is easily able to pull the reader into the story and transport her/him into that time and place.

The main characters are multidimensional and definitely seem like real people--friends or foes. As the book ended, I felt truly connected to my "friends" and look forward to reading the second book in The Secret of the Rose series.

I recommend this book to readers who are not looking for a quick read, who are interested in WWII literature and who prefer a story with a spiritual focus.