Book Review of The Unlikely Spy

The Unlikely Spy
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I liked this book for a couple of reasons. I'm a history buff, so there was a lot to learn in this book about the pre-D-Day WW II activities in Europe. However, the main protagonists in this novel were fictional people. Also, Daniel Silva is very good at writing action packed spy novels. Some of his main characters can be vicious and aggressive. Silva creates some very detailed graphic violence action (in your mind's eye), that can grab your attention by shocking you. Also, there are sympathetic characters on both the Allies and Axis sides of this WW II spy thriller. The plot is filled with complexities (eg. spies and counter-spies) and some revelations thrown in at the very end of the story. Caution, some of the action, especially near the end of the novel, may not be totally believable. Each of Silva's novels seem like they would make a great TV spy adventure mini-series. Maybe that's why Silva is such a popular author.