Book Review of Wintergirls

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I picked up this book as it was recommended on this site under the Hidden Gems forum. I thought it was very disturbing and I felt so helpless as I read about how this teen-age girl was fooling everyone regarding her eating disorder. As a parent myself, it was a wake up call to really pay attention to your children as they go through their teenage years, build a good relationship with them before they get to that age of independence and never be too busy with your own life to not really know what your child is going through. Lia's mother was more intuitive in regard to what was going on, but she didn't know the right away to reach her daughter.
This was a very scarey story because I'm sure it is very true to life for many young girls or someone they know.
I can't say I enjoyed this one, but it was a fast read and had an important story to tell.