Book Review of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
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I really enjoyed my first Stephen King book. The main character, Trisha appealed to me for a few reasons. She is smart, resilient and exceptionally mature for her age and King render her believable: she makes critical mistakes and she at times unravels. Not all nine-year-olds could have survived, but King convinced me Trisha could.

Im not a baseball fan but I truly could relate to why it mattered to Trisha, and I was glad she was the fan she was because the principles of the game, and the combination of her fantasy interactions with Gordon as well as the traits he embodied for her: patience, stillness and clarity of mind, carried her through, and I desperately wanted her to make it through.

I really liked how King developed and used the beast. I was never quite sure if it was real or supernatural or both. And their eventual confrontation is the perfect climax. It is surreal. I literally felt as if I were watching it in slow motion, in a dream-like sequence.

The fact that this book isn't like Kings typical work is likely what appeals to me. I've never read him because while I have enjoyed a few of the movies, Ive never enjoyed them enough to want to experience them in book form. This book had just enough suspense for me, stellar writing and good pacing. For me this is pitch perfect. I'm considering reading more by Stephen King