Book Review of The Best Of Enemies

The Best Of Enemies
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The Best of Enemies takes place in a small Massachusets town just outside of Boston. When A building gets blown up, all of the authoritative figures (Police, FBI, Secret Service...)point their fingers at a young Palestinian who had arrived at the building for a job interview and then leaves with his girl friend. Because she peels out of the parking lot like the hounds of hell on her wheels, she and the Palestinian are the immediate and most likely suspects. People find out that what they want to believe and what really happened are two completely different things.
The story then turns to the girl's teacher who is grieving for Peter VanAken, the man she met and fell in love with ten years ago in Beruit. One night, he shows up out of the blue, actually working on the case, and the relationship does, as expected, continue. Leya, the teacher, however knows of one person who will not be glad to know that her former lover is back and that is her father, Carter Nash.
When he finds out, that the 'evil man' who seduced his little girl is back in town, he is, to say the least, teed off. As the plot of the book unfolds, we find out that the hatred between Leya's father and her lover is mutual. Both men worked for the CIA and Carter sent Peter on an assiginment to check out some 'Suspicious activity', only to later find out that the entire thing was a setup by Carter Nash. However, they find a way to put their differences behind them in a keep you on the edge of your seat climax, where they find out that not all Palestinians are the terrorists.