Book Review of All's Fair (Candlelight Ecstasy Romance, No 51)

All's Fair (Candlelight Ecstasy Romance, No 51)
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With his startling green eyes and jet-black hair, he looked like a panther. And he was rumored to be a man who loved the hunt but walked away free while his prey lay bleeding...

Morgain McMichaels didn't need to be told. One look and she knew. When he found out she was his mechanic, he was shocked. When he learned she was his pilot, he was outraged. But he would gladly have her as his victim. Well he was in for another surprise.

If Gareth Hammond's markings were plain, Morgain's were not. She was a hone-haired, blue-eyed hellcat with the face of an angel. And she silently swore to the "the one that got away".