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Book Review of R is for Ricochet (Kinsey Millhone, Bk 18)

R is for Ricochet (Kinsey Millhone, Bk 18)
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Ah, wonderful as always. A new best friend for Kinsey, some boring survelliance, a little bit of seediness- oh, but then the pain of loss and the despair of knowing she couldn't change someone.

Kinsey is hired to "babysit" Reba who is getting out of prison after serving almost 2 years for embezzlement- simple, huh? Luckily for Kinsey, Reba, her new best friend also has great taste in clothing and manages to do some fashion re-education for Kinsey. More surprisingly, Kinsey gets a great new haircut- imagine how stylish she's looking! All this happens before the danger picks up and Kinsey is in the middle of breaking and entry and even scarier elements around the edges of crime. No great surprise, these lead to actual danger for Kinsey and fears for
Reba's life.

R doesn't bring in any members of Kinsey's trying-to-get-closer family, but Kinsey learns some lessons about intimacy from a long term friend. She observes as Henry's family interferes in his possibilities for romance and she supports Henry in standing up to his brothers. Rosie is off the offal cooking stint- although I'm googling Hungarian recipes right now to see if some of those sound appealing- and is now serving cheap wine to compensate for better cooking.