Book Review of Bungalow 2 (Audio CD) (Abridged)

Bungalow 2 (Audio CD) (Abridged)
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This audio cd was a good fun and emotional story from beginning to end... At first i thought it was weird that a man was narrating the story since the main character is a woman, but he did a great job actually!!! And it made sense since all the other characters in the story (other than the main characters twin daughters) are all men...

A good juicy story about a suburban california mom from a "perfect family" that is offered an amount of money that only a fool would refuse to write a screenplay for a movie...She reluctantly decides to go to LA to write the screenplay since it has always been a dream of hers & the money will allow her family a limitless amount of financial security. She expects that although she will miss her family terribly that the experience will overall be a good one - she never expected her whole life to change as drasticly as it does though!! I was definitly rooting for this woman throughout the story, she is very likeable!! I would definitly reccomend this to anyone who needs some good entertainment during a long flight or car ride!