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Book Review of Prescription for Nutritional Healing: A Practical A-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs Food Supplements

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Helpful Score: 3

Excellent, excellent book. My doctor told me I had hypothyroidism and said I had to take synthroid forever. I did not want to already be taking a prescription med in my mid-30s so I got myself on a hypothyroid regiment taken from this book. I did not take everything the book recommended but MOST of the ones recommended by the CRUCIAL section. In a couple of months my thyroid levels were within normal limits.

Then I had tonsilitis. I tried to get rid of it by just waiting it out and taking zinc pills. But after a month, I caved in and got antibiotics. After the week-long course, the sore throat was mostly gone, but not completely. So I put together a supplement regiment based on this book. A month later, I was completely normal.

This book has been helpful in supporting my own immune system. It's not a fix-all, you have to use sound judgement. Obviously, it won't fix kidney failure, but if you have weak kidneys, it gives you some supplement ideas that could support your body.

Also, certain supplements you have to use your common sense. To help my tonsilitis, it suggested colloidal silver. But I did my own research and felt that this supplement might cause more harm than good, and excluded that in my own supplement program.