Book Review of Me Talk Pretty One Day

Me Talk Pretty One Day
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So, it was funny. It was. The humor wasn't as "acid" as the hype suggested, but there were parts that made me laugh out loud. The second half of the book, which takes place after Sedaris moves to France, is definitely funnier, but perhaps that's because I can relate somewhat, having spent some time in France myself. The parts about his Father were hilarious, and I have to admit that he reminded me at times of my own Father.

Often, when reading a memoir, you're reading about someone who has done some extraordinary things. Here, I think we're hearing about a fairly ordinary person, who has not done anything terribly extraordinary, but who writes rather well. He's not as outrageous as many gay writers; in fact he seems rather conservative in outlook.

I've been advised by several that his work is much funnier when hearing him read it, but I haven't had the opportunity yet.