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Book Review of The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time, Bk 12)

The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time, Bk 12)
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Sanderson's style is not Jordan's, but that's not all bad. His prose is easier to read. And the story progresses as it should, faster than it probably would have, had Jordan actually shepherded it to completion. The whole gang's here and in the general moods and with the same personal affectations and traits as Jordan imbued them with all those years ago. Nynaeve is still cranky and easily angered., and determioned to help Lan keep from sacrificing his life to no purpose. Egwene is still determined but vulnerable. Lan is still the Clint Eastwood/John Wayne tough guy, but perhaps a little more emotive than previously. Without giving away the story line.....I mean you've waited years for it to continue...Rand's tiptoe around insanity the Two Rivers folk worry more and more about him...and his emotional withdrawal from people.
And the Seanchan are up to no-good in their opposition to every existing country and even the White Tower itself. Can Egwene al'Vere hold the Aes Sedai together? And what's this about the possible return of Morraine ...and her love? for Thom Merrilyn. Some answered. Some not. But it's fun reading. Recommendation...if you've got the time, and assuming you've already read the previous 12 books, go back and read them again....then read this volume. It's much more fun to have everything fresh in your mind...when this book opens. But you can read it as a stand alone only hooks you for the final two books coming out this year and next, provided Sanderson's creative juices continue to flow A good start toward a conclusion, with still more plot twists and characters that made the series so popular. Bravo Brandon.

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