Book Review of Caress of Silk

Caress of Silk
Caress of Silk
Author: Mary Martin
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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When vicious Comancheros raided her ranch, desperate Abbie Caldwell's only chance for escape was to tumble down a cliff. Then a devilish-looking horseman lassoed her to safety, but the spirited brunette knew he was no better than her attackers and fought him with her life. He withstood her vicious insults as he imprisoned her with arms of steel. Soon the curvaceous beauty was so overwhelmed with a desire she'd never felt before that she didn't even notice when her struggle for freedom became an embrace of ecstasy!

Handsome Santiago Malone was on the run when he came upon the secluded Caldwell spread. He schemed to save the lady rancher's life, make her hire him as a foreman-and exploit her gratitude in the lonely Texas evenings, too.