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Book Review of Wild Seed (Patternist, Bk 1)

Wild Seed (Patternist, Bk 1)
scorpionvoices avatar reviewed on

This is a hard book for me to gather my thoughts on. I enjoyed it - it was written well, it was absorbing, it was well-paced - yet I can't say that I really liked it. Mostly because there is no clear-cut bad guy, I suppose; the antagonist sways between being a straight up dick and a reasonable, sympathetic character with little to no warning, and definitely no apologies. I had a really hard time with the slavery and rape themes that were so prevalent in this book, not because they were too over the top or explicit, but because they were all too plausible and understandable. All in all this book fell straight into the I-didn't-like-that-I-liked-it category for me. 6/10

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