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Book Review of Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography

Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography
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Helpful Score: 8

I was not a big ROB LOWE groupie, but I did see some of his movies. I was glad to see him make a comeback after his underage video debacle. I cant say I set out to read this book, as much as I won the book in a swap here on PBS. But you should note I was a big Melissa Gilbert fan. So my plan was to read Melissa's book and his and compare.

The front of the book claims Rob wrote this book himself not with a Ghost writer. The title is Stories I ONLY tell to my FRIENDS. Well, it looks like Rob now considers me a friend and I am flattered. But the Rob, I know, cant write a book, he is too much of a party animal pretty boy.

Rob doesnt do a bunch of cheap name dropping or in anyway give you sordid sexual details. Melissa gets mentioned but nothing in detail. My favorite funny story about talking to Princess Stephanie's Dad at a banquet.

Things I learned but didnt know about ROB: how the brat pack label came into being, that he was childhood friends with the PENNS, and Sheens, and knew Cary Grant cause he dated his daughter and many other famous people. I loved hearing about his experience with the Movie the OUTSIDERS.
We will move through his early career, find out who his true friends who believe in him really are. We find out he is actually very talented, he can write, direct etc. And he was truly interested in politics. SNORE! ok but not with ROB.

I liked how Rob still loved, and respected his parents even though they were both broken, flawed people. Once Rob went to Rehab, he dealt with the pain of his early life and really started to learn new ways to deal with conflict. He really became someone you would want to be friends. Although when he was partying, I think he would have been a great fun friend too. I have gained more respect for him as a person, and I recant my pretty boy label. BY the way Rob addresses that too. But you know real friends can talk to each about those kinds of things. I am glad he set me straight.

If you like memoirs you can not miss this one. If you are like me and dont read many memoirs this is the ONE TO READ!

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