Book Review of The Alchemists of Barbal

The Alchemists of Barbal
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Product Description
The high stone walls of Barbal encircle a deep rift. At the heart of the city the Lord Alchemist, Mardak the Dark, reigns supreme. His pursuit of power has led the tyrannical ruler to treacherous deeds: seizing the opposing alchemist, Ogog, and holding him hostage in the Ziggurat. However, help is at hand in the shape of a young boy called Silas. Under the guidance of his charismatic mentor, Sultan Ash, Silas sets off for Barbal to free Ogog, armed with nothing more than sheer determination - and a pure white pebble in his pocket. Unbeknown to Silas, the pebble is a Turnstone, a talisman bestowed with magical powers. In Barbal, Mardak's wild obsession has culminated in the construction of the Entropoth, a deadly time machine powered by human souls displaying events happening in the past and future. Mardak may know Silas is on his way - but will he be a match for the Turnstone?

My Notes:
I have read both The Sight and Firebringer 3 different times. Due to them, David Clement-Davies has become my favorite author. After waiting 2 years for him to write another book, he came out with this one. I was very eager to read it. I ordered it, and read it right when it came in. The book however simply was awful. It had all the makings of a typical childish novel. Gone were the mature ideas found in his other 2 novels. Gone also was the book about a society of animals. Perhaps the only likeness this book had to the other 2, other than having the same author, was the inclusion of a prophecy. Even this wasn't really stuck to. Overall, I found this book to be a major disapointment.