Book Review of All the Truth That's In Me

All the Truth That's In Me
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Set in what seems like Puritan times in a fictional place called Roswell Station, a young girl Judith returns after being abducted four years earlier. She has been mutilated, with her tongue cut out in order to "save" her from being forced to speak about her struggles over the last few years. Now that she is back, she has been forced to spend most of her time alone. The town seems to think that she is cursed and avoids her at all cost. Worse yet, the boy she has been in love with since childhood, Lucas, is about to get married to someone else. Then Roswell Station is attacked. In order to save Lucas, Judith makes the decision to go back to her captor and elicit help, sacrificing herself for Lucas and the town that has shunned her. In the process, the truth about the past is coming out and Judith's decisions for the future are also interrupting the present day plot.

My thoughts:
There is so much in this one little novel. For under 300 pages, there is a lot in here. There is some suspense, but a lot of learning about the society and main character. Judith is amazing. Even for a character that does not speak, the reader connects with her. She is very observant and we learn about each character through her observations. Along with her current struggles, she also dives into her past and future as well. This gives us a wide range of development opportunities for Judith and the reader is easily thrust into her life. It is such an emotional story that you can't help but leave the book with a sense of Judith in your life. She changes each reader by the time the book is finished.