Book Review of Casting Off (Cazalet Chronicle, Vol. 4)

Casting Off (Cazalet Chronicle, Vol. 4)
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This is the last book in a 4-volume series about a British family during the years that span the beginning and end of WWII. I suppose in some ways the books could be described as dressed-up soap operas with a historical twist. Nonetheless, I'm a sucker for family sagas - especially when the characters are well developed like these were so that it's possible to get to know them and understand their reasons for the things they do. I like feeling like I'm connected to the family - sort of like a long lost cousin. An added dimension to this saga is its setting and time period since I'm fascinated with stories about the second world war and England is one of my favorite places to go when I'm reading. So even though this hardly qualifies as serious reading, I thoroughly enjoyed all four books in the series and am a little sad about having to say good-bye to the Cazalet family.