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Book Review of The Rake (Davenport, Bk 2)

The Rake (Davenport, Bk 2)
The Rake (Davenport, Bk 2)
Author: Mary Jo Putney
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
philippaj avatar reviewed on + 136 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 7

Absolutely utterly fantastic!! Wow - a definite reread. It was wonderful and I was so glad to read a great Putney book after finding her most recent release pretty weak. THE RAKE, however, is not weak at all, but rather completely 100% great!!!

One of the greatest things about this book was that it tackled the very serious issue of alcoholism extremely well, dealt with it compassionately, and portrayed it very vividly/starkly. Seriously, I *never* get emotional when I read my historical romances (unless it's extreme giddiness, lol), but there were parts of this book that were just utterly heart-wrenching.

The other great aspect of the story was, as it should be, the relationship between Alys and Reggie. It was very well developed and the intellectual/emotional connection between them was wonderfully written. It's a romance so obviously there is romance and the hero and heroine have great physical chemistry, but the book focuses on much more than just that aspect. They are complete opposites starting off - Reggie is one of the most dissolute and disgraceful rakes that I have ever come across in the genre (that's saying something) and Alys is a hardworking, admirable, very responsible, reserved, and almost-stern woman. They're both extremely lonely, though, and it's great watching them not wham-bam fall-in-love but see it slowly happen as they come to like, respect, admire, and trust each other and form a wonderful and - dare I say it? oh, it's so corny - beautiful friendship.


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