Book Review of High Hearts

High Hearts
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Bright, gutsy and outrageous, Geneva Chatfield is the newly married daughter of the world's most renowned horsebreeder and the best rider in the South. So when Fort Sumter's guns signal the start of the Civil War, Geneva cuts her hair, dons a uniform and rides off as "Jimmy" Chatfield to enlist in the Confederate Army and be with her new husband, Nash. But there are complications: Major "Mars" Vickers finds himself inexplicably attracted to the youngest soldier in the company-Jimmy Chatfield...while on the home front there is Di-Peachy, Geneva's slave, whose beauty one man kills for and whose heritage is the Chatfields' best-kept secret...Lutie, Geneva's mother, a Southern lady who discovers new purpose nursing the wounded... and Sin-Sin and Ernie June, the servants who actually run the plantation, vying for power with laughter and tears, as they see their way of life irrevocably drawing to a close.