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Book Review of No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men
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This is the first of McCarthy's books I've read. I started to read it about a year ago, gave up on the beginning of it and then picked it up again yesterday. Despite finding the beginning hard to get into, once I started to get to know Moss and his wife and found out what happened with the deaths in the desert, I was on my way to discovering a new author and a different style of writing. I actually didn't notice the lack of punctuation for a while. It made reading easier.

McCarthy's simple style in this book was easy to read and follow. Sheriff Ed Tom Bell's thoughts were some of the best parts of the book for me. Although he struggled with his guilt over what he had done in the war and felt he didn't deserve a medal, he still remained a good man and really loved his wife and was loved in return. It's hard for older people, even though Bell isn't that old, to accept changes around them. Bell hadn't grown up with the drug problem and all the crime and violence that came with it. Now he was in the middle of several murders that occured over a large amount of drugs that were in one of the vehicles and were taken, and a lot of money that Moss had stolen and was on the run to keep. No matter where he went, a murderous man named Chigurh was after him as well as a hit man named Wells. Between the two of them they left a trail of death behind them a mile long.

Some of the things that Moss did didn't make a lot of sense to me. He was good at hiding the money, but not at thinking things through. Did he really think he would get to the point where the two killers wouldn't be looking for him and wouldn't retaliate on others? It was fairly easy to see what was going to happen, especially when he took the hitchhiking girl with him and put her life at risk.

I'm glad I read this book first. I intend to read more of McCarthy's books now that I've read this one. Usually I read the book before seeing the movie, but I saw the movie and want to see it again now that I've read the book. Four stars for this one.

(My amazon review of this book)

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