Book Review of Great Science Fiction Stories By The World's Greatest Scientists

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Twenty-one stories by writers with advanced degrees in science or engineering including:
White Creatures by Gregory Benford.
The Singing Diamond, by Robert L. Forward.
Publish and Perish by Paul J. Nahin.
Skystalk by Charles Sheffield.
The Universal Library by Kurd Lasswitz.
Long Shot by Venor Vinge.
Blackmail by Fred Hoyle.
Jeannette's hands by Philip Latham.
The Warm Space by David Brin
The Wind from the Sun by Arthur C. Clarke
Industrial Accident by Lee Correy
Choice by John R. Pierce
The Winnowing by Isaac Asimov
Dr. Snow Maiden by Larry Eisenberg
On the Fourth Planet by J. F. Bone
Learning Theory by James V. McConnell
Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death by James Tiptree, Jr.
Transfusion by Chad Oliver
In the Beginning by Morton Klass
Modulation in All Things by Suzette Haden Elgin
The Bones of Charlemagne by Mario A. Pei