Book Review of Eve: A Novel of the First Woman

Eve: A Novel of the First Woman
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I was taken aback when I began reading this book, as I was under the impression that the story would be told from Eve's perspective.

The book is separated into chapters that follow the viewpoints of Eve and her daughters, but never Adam or her sons (Cain, Abel and her youngest son, twin of Dara).

Eve, Naava, Aya and Dara all have their own chapters and tell the story of their family's beginnings in their own words.

Each of Eve's daughters is a creation of the author and not bibilically factual, but it's hard to imagine that Eve wouldn't have had daughters, even if their stories are not accounted for in the Bible as we know it.

This book is magical and I'm very glad I read it. The author has detailed notes at the back of the book that give her reasoning for taking the literary liscense that she did and they all make sense.

Great read and highly recommended.