Book Review of Tucker's Claim (Hell's Eight, Bk 3)

Tucker's Claim (Hell's Eight, Bk 3)
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I enjoy the Hell's Eight series. The first book in this series Caine's Reckoning is one of my favorite books. Tucker's Claim just was not as good. It certainly had potential. I love the idea of a pacifist falling in love with a Texas Ranger. The fact that he is an Indian adds even more conflict to the story. Placing it in in the Wild West where might makes right is even better. Put all these things together an you have the making of a great story. The problem is Sally Mae. The heroine is a Quaker and speaks in the most annoying way. Thee and Thy all over the place including when the couple is getting romantic. It is very distracting. Additionally the conflict never really materialized. I never really felt like they were fighting for or against anything.

I would still recommend this if you are a fan of the series. It just is not her best work.