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Book Review of The Twisted Root (William Monk, Bk 10)

The Twisted Root (William Monk, Bk 10)
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What a wonderful mystery read! Imagine a woman finding the love of her life, enjoying getting to him and uncovering a secret such that she runs away two weeks before the wedding. In addition, the coachman who takes her is murdered. Arrested for murder, she is released when police discover that the woman who raised her from a very young age has been stealing drugs from the hospital to care for poor, ill patients who can't afford them. The man who was killed died close to her home and was blackmailing her. Now it appears that this woman murdered the coachman so the first woman is released into the custody of her fiance and his family. When her fiance's mother is murdered the woman is again arrested.

Monk and his new wife, Hester, are deeply involved in the situation. First, Monk is hired to find the woman by the fiance. He does but, of course, so do the police. Arrested the second time, both women are accused on conspiring to commit both murders so the young woman can marry the young man who is wealthy. Both vigorously deny committing the murders. If they didn't, who did? The trial begins with the evidence overwhelming against the two women. It's easy enough to figure out who the murderer must be but not the surprising reason why until the final pages. Excellent read!

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