Book Review of The Wedding Dress: A Novel

The Wedding Dress: A Novel
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The Wedding Dress by Danielle Steel is one of those stories that lingers with you long after you finish it. Danielle Steel is a wonderful storyteller and I was not disappointed with this novel. We go from 1928 which is the beginning of our tale and taken down through the generations. We see how each generation lives and how the wedding dress fits into their story. Each character goes on a journey and we see how they turn out as well as how their decisions impact the family. I thought the characters were realistic and relatable. The authors vivid descriptions brought the scenes alive. I especially enjoyed reading about the gorgeous wedding dress. It all begins when Eleanor Deveraux meets Alex Allen at her coming out ball in San Francisco. After they become engaged, Eleanor and her mother travel to Paris to commission her couture wedding dress. Unfortunately, the stock market crashes in October of 1929 while they are on their honeymoon. They must weather the changes and find a way to move forward. The special wedding dress, though, is kept protected so it will be available for the next generation. This special gown represents love and hope. Alex and Eleanor face different challenges in their life as do their descendants. We get to join them on their journey to see how they handle life's tribulations. I found The Wedding Dress to be a touching story. I was transported into the book and reluctantly left when the story ended. The Wedding Dress is a wonderful escapist novel which is what we need during these uncertain times.