Book Review of Sara Crew: Or, What Happened at Miss Minchin's

Sara Crew: Or, What Happened at Miss Minchin's
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"But there were a great many hungry days" said the Indian Gentleman, (speaking to Sara) with a rather sad tone in his voice. "Which hungry day was it?"....So (almost) ends this fictional account of orphaned heroine Sara Crewe. At eight, she is left at Miss Minchin's Seminary for Young Ladies. At twelve, she recounts her story, dressed for a time in the finery afforded to her courtesy of her Papa's seagoing exploits. There is a Dickens' kind of dread within the beginning sentences...Especially when you read:

"The instant she (Sara) had entered the house, she had begun promptly to hate Miss Minchin..." So sets the stage for a tale of inspiring fortitude from a little, French speaking Brit whose family has seen better days.

This is a genuine drama and thriller for young ones and older fans of
Frances Hodgson Burnett with suitably somber color and black and white illustrations by Margot Tomes. I think this would make great play-acting material for older readers.