Book Review of Wild Masquerade (Wild Pedigrue, Bk 3)

Wild Masquerade (Wild Pedigrue, Bk 3)
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"Wild Masquerade" is the last book in a trilogy about the Pedigrue sisters. They lived in virtual servitude to their father because of their mother's supposed "ungodliness". Upon his death, all three daughters must spend a year "working" at various professions to receive a yearly stipend and be able to stay in their house in Boston.
"Wild Masquerade" is a great finish to the series. Constance Pedigree goes to New York to work as a seamstress at a Broadway theatre. However, she misreads the street numbers and ends up at a burlesque house where her cat inadvertently causes $2500 worth of damage to the building's new mirror. Her remarkable likeness to the hero's deceased wife starts off a chain reaction adventure that puts both into mortal danger, but also incredible joy. The villain hides in plain sight, but isn't revealed until the last few pages.
How the mother outwits her husband's final attempts to control his daughters brings the story full circle for a happy conclusion.